Our aim is to work with you to reach 'financial independence' and allow you to spend your time doing the things you love to do, with the people you love to do them with.

Our definition of 'Financial Independence' is when Passive Income, normally generated by investment savings, replaces Active Income, usually generated through personal exertion or employment.

It does not matter how old or young someone is or how much money they have or make. If you can generate enough money to meet your lifestyle goals, then you have achieved 'financial independence'.

Our approach to growing and preserving wealth is built on the following key principles.

  • Investing is not speculating
  • Investors are loss adverse
  • Markets are not efficient
  • Diversification is Essential
  • Understanding Risk is Crucial
  • Costs and taxes matter
  • Discipline is paramount
  • Portfolio Structure (Asset Allocation) Explains Performance


For more information please contact us to get a copy of our Investment Philosophy and individual Investment Strategies.